Welcome to Stonehill Frenchies

Aubin and Alarra

I am a small hobby breeder and I purchased my first French bulldogs 15+ years ago. All my dogs are raised as beloved pets that happen to show in AKC or UKC sanctioned dog shows. The dogs on my site are all bred by me but may be co-owned with friends, family, or other breeders.

I am assuming since you are here you are looking for a French bulldog. Please take time to read through my site. As with any breed of dog you should be well informed about the Breed so that you can make as educated a decision as possible. French Bulldogs are a special breed and they are not for everyone.

I occasionally have puppies and adults available. When breeding a litter of puppies I am hopefully breeding my next champions. With this in mind much thought and hard work goes into every breeding I do. I do not breed just to have puppies to place. I breed first and foremost for myself. This means I always get first pick puppies. In most instances I do not promise or take deposits for puppies of 12 weeks or older. I keep my puppies until after 12 weeks not only to be able to pick out which puppies seem to be most promising for show, but also because I believe it is mentally more healthy for the puppies to be with their littermates and our adult dogs. I screen each potential family before placing my puppies. I place my puppies only in homes that are best-suited for their temperament and your life style. When placing my puppies I want the best homes I can possibly find. My puppies are raised under foot and exposed to many things before going to their new homes. The puppies also learn good social skills from our adults. I want only healthy, happy, well-adjusted puppies going to their new homes.

I do not believe in breeding fad colors. There are very many reasons for this. I only breed dogs that are AKC acceptable colors. I actually don’t breed for color at all. I breed for health, temperament and conformation, in that order. I take breeding very seriously and my main goal is to better the breed. When searching for your new family member it is better to find a puppy that will fit with your family versus purchasing a puppy based on color only to find it is now not what you hoped it would be. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding French Bulldogs, regardless of if you are purchasing, or just would like some information. Education is the best tool in finding your new family member. I suggest that you purchase a puppy or dog from a reputable breeder for many reasons we can discuss. In the case that I do not have any puppies available I will try to put you in contact with a reputable breeder that does have puppies available.